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 Xavier, Raven

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PostSubject: Xavier, Raven   Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:02 pm

† The Principles

First Name: Raven
Middle Name: ---
Last Name: Xavier
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: May 20th
Race: Vampire
Faceclaim: None

† Your Affinity

Element: Water
Special Ability: Water Manipulation
    ~Explanation & Limits of Gift: Raven's power draws from the water, where she can manipulate and do what she wishes with it. However, this power also relies on the water's master: the moon. With every passing phase of the moon, she either becomes stornger, or weaker. During a full moon, her powers are at their zenith and she has a hard time controling it well. During a new moon, her power is almost netirely drained form her body.

Weapon: None
    ~Explanation of Weapon:

† Your Appearance

Physical Looks: What you see with Raven, is the pale, alabaster skin and red eyes that are common to hundereds of thousands of her kin. But what stands out is her natural cyan blue hair, with her bangs cut just above her eyes and the rest leading all the way down to her hips. Raven's face is perfecty clear and shows no signs of any scars or blemishes. Her usual apperal is that of hard gothic stylings, reds, blacks, greys, and midnight blues are all she wears. And she always has a black ribbon tied completely around her right arm, for it is not her real arm, but a metal prostetic. Raven lost her arm in a trajic accident that left her with no parents, and her little brother missing. Raven stands 5'10", and weights only 125 pounds.

† Your Persona

General Attitude/Personality: 'Silence of the lamb' is a phrase best to discribe Raven. For years she hasn't spoken to anyone or anything. The tragic accident leaving her with only one arm and that killed her parents, has left her traumatized even to this day, nearly seven years later. She writes in order to communicate with other people, though she's very reclusive and shy around others. But once you've earned her true trust, you'll know, for when you've earned her full trust: she'll speak to you. Raven only speaks to those that she trusts, which is hard for she is now very afraid to trust others. Deep in her aching heart, Raven wishes to make friends and just be happy once again.
Goals: To gain her happiness back, to speak openly once again, to find her baby brother
Bad Habits: Staring at people blankly (most get creeped out) and scratching at her prostetic arm.
Fears: Dying all alone, heights
Sees Self As: Someone who is invisible

† Your Blessings


    Her speed
    Her strength
    Her intelegence

† Your Curses

    Sharp noises
    People who approach her too quickly
    Being called a freak

    Her emotional distress
    Her silence
    The thought of others dying because of her

† Your Bloodline

Father: Matthew Xavier (Deceased)
Mother: Victoria Xavier (Deceased)
Siblings: Little brother: James (Missing)

† Your Past

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PostSubject: Re: Xavier, Raven   Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:32 pm


"It's better to have a bit of something, than a bit of nothing"
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Xavier, Raven
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