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 Cross, Lorelei (WIP)

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Lorelei Cross

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PostSubject: Cross, Lorelei (WIP)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 7:13 pm

† The Principles

First Name: Lorelei
Middle Name: Judith
Last Name: Cross
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: May, 20th
Race: Mage
Faceclaim: Sheena, Tales of Symphonia

† Your Affinity

Element: Earth
Special Ability: Forest of power
    ~Explanation & Limits of Gift: With her Earth element, Lori has the ability to commune and control the fauna all around her. Her powers are strictly limited however, and she cannot make mighty beings such as trees do as she says. However this leaves the much smaller fauna open to her, such as vines, leaves, flowers and so on. However, due to her mild nature she does not wish to take comand of the foliage unless it's absolutely neccisary. She prefers to simply use her powers to grow things or to grow things to help the sick.

Weapon: Chain Scythe
    ~Explanation of Weapon: A recent edition to Lori's arsenal, this chain scythe has no name as of yet, and Lori only uses it for self defense. Occasionally she'll be seen practicing somewhere with it since she's still a bit rusty leanring how to catch the thing.


† Your Appearance

Physical Looks: A tall, thin woman, Lori is attractive as most people (mostly men would say). Her body is tall, standing almost 5'7" and thin only weighing about 130. Her figure is near hourglass shape, and most of her height stands in her legs and waist. Her face is what seems to attract most of the attention, with dark brown eyes set against pale skin, and dark purple hair that frames it messily yet it seems to fit her. Lori's dark purple hair is almost always tied against her head in an extremely wild pony tail, save for her bangs that are spread across her forehead and partially cover her right eye. She wears mostly what she feels comfortable in, but if she's practicing her magics or with her chain scythe, she can be seen in her mage attire (see character picture)

† Your Persona

General Attitude/Personality: What you see is what you get with Lori. By nature, she's a very kind and reasonable person. Rather then senseless violence, her desired approach is to simply talk things out and come to an understanding or compromise. She is very brave and will not back down just because she is afraid though. For she believes that being brave is not the lack of fear, but the knowledge that their is something greater then fear at risk. What Lori loves to do most, is to be around the people that she loves, be it friend, family or whatever it may be.
However, the seas of Lori's emotions are not always calm. Is she is provoked, the storm clouds rumble in, and the waters begin to toss and turn. What sets Lori off the most is threats and/or injury to those that she cares about. If you hurt one of her friends, she'll be out for blood.
Goals: To master her earth abilites, to become a doctor
Bad Habits: Twirling her hair, drumming her fingers
Fears: The dark, fire
Sees Self As: Kind hearted

† Your Blessings

    Helping people

    Her knowlege of magic
    Her speed
    Her intelegence

† Your Curses

    The dark
    Her nightmares of the night her family was killed

    Her painful memories
    Still being new at using her chain scythe
    Her temper (when she's set off)

† Your Bloodline

Father: Dedrik Cross (Deceased)
Mother: Gracia Cross (Deceased)
Siblings: none

† Your Past

Other: In the village where she grew up, once a child turned 15, they would take part in a ritual where their 'spirit animal' would join them from the spirit world to help further their training. Due to Lori's earth element, and over all kind and gentle person, her animal is a white female wolf that she calls Fable

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Cross, Lorelei (WIP)
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