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 Thorn, Eve

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PostSubject: Thorn, Eve   Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:26 pm

† The Principles

First Name: Eve
Middle Name: Diana
Last Name: Thorn
Gender: Female
Age: 23 years in appearence, but around 200 years in actuality
Birthday: December 10th
Race: Mage
Faceclaim: C2 or C.C.

† Your Affinity

Element: Spirit
Special Ability: Telepathy
    ~Explanation & Limits of Gift: Eve has the ability to read thoughts and broadcast her own thoughts to others. The only minds that she can read are the ones that are open to her. Unaware or unprotected minds are considered open and can be easily read. A mind does not need to be open for Eve to broadcast her thoughts to it. This is used as a way to communicate with others or cause distraction and illusions. However, this technique does not work if Eve has never met with the mind that she is trying to read or broadcast to. Distance has no effect on this technique. Eve also has a winged "V" shaped marking on her forehead that appears in a deep maroon coloring whenever this ability is activated.

Weapon: Iron Wires
    ~Explanation of Weapon: Eve carries rolls of iron wires up her sleeves, around her wrists and anywhere she can reach them with her fingers, easily. These wires reach out to extreme lengths and are as thin as a strand of hair. The wires aren't easy to see, but shine in lighted areas. They also cause trouble for Eve because they can tangle around her or snag on other objects if not handle properly. This can leave her open for attacks or cause her to injure her own self.

† Your Appearance

Physical Looks: Eve stands at a tall five feet and ten inches with a pale shade of green hair, basically a pale spring green that is evenly cut to her thighs. She usually has some strands over her shoulders and her bangs are cut just above eye level, slightly uneven. She usually has her hair straight down, but tends to style it up for special occasions. Eve is very slinder and her breast are over the average size. She is not considered pale nor is she considered tan, but her skin is somewhere in between with a remarkablely clear and smoothe complexion. Her eyes are a golden rod coloring, but can change with a greenish color, similar to her hair, when in certain lightings. Her usual manner of clothing varies with how she feels and the occasion. The only thing that truly stands out on Eve is her strange, maroon colored "V" like marking on her forehead that only appears when she uses her spiritual abilities.

† Your Persona

General Attitude/Personality: Eve can be considered to be a "cold hearted" person. She is tightly reserved and trusts no one. She also has a bad temper and is easily angered. She can be seen with having a "superior than you" or "snooty" attitude. She does not like to be crossed especially by students. She has little patients for students and their annoyances. However, she will always spare a momment for her students when they need her no matter how petty the need be. Her Guardians and Professors are treated with the respect she expects from them.
Goals: To protect her school from "Devils".
Bad Habits: Yelling out of anger and throwing objects at others out of anger.
Fears: Not available for public viewing
Sees Self As: Someone who should be respected and feared.

† Your Blessings

    Night Hours

    Physical Strength

† Your Curses


    The Academy

† Your Bloodline

Father: Albert Thorn
Mother: Melissa Thorn
Siblings: Anthony Thorn {Little Brother}

† Your Past

Eve's past is a mystery and remains as such. It's said that Black Blood Academy began as an old estate that was inherited by Eve after her family's death and later on transformed into an academy. However, this has not been confirmed and is thought to be less than true. Researchers are not completely convinced that Eve is even who she says she is, but with lack of evidence she has been free to do as she pleases, but is being closely monitored.

Other: None


"It's better to have a bit of something, than a bit of nothing"

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn, Eve   Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:28 pm

Roy Ironside
"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."
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Thorn, Eve
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