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 Caster, Larn

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Larn Caster

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PostSubject: Caster, Larn   Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:26 pm

† The Principles

First Name: Larn
Middle Name: None
Last Name: Caster
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: December 21
Race: Wind Demon
Faceclaim: Unknown; will possibly use multiple faces or begin using pixel dolls.

† Your Affinity

Element: Wind
Special Ability: With a little concentration, can create small tornadoes the size of his index finger; loves using these for pranks. With more time and concentration, can create larger, more deadly winds. Uses a large amount of energy.
    ~Explanation & Limits of Gift:Larn can move and bend the air at will. He loves using pranks on others as his "practice." And while he has the ability to create disastrous winds, they take a large amount of concentration and energy to use them, and he feels tired or faints after such a feat. Smaller tornadoes (no bigger than his hand) are easier for him, and he uses them to his advantage whenever he can. And while he is more of a pacifist, he would love to learn how to suck the air out of someone's body, but he has never tried to attempt it or find a spell that allowed him to do it..

Weapon: None
    ~Explanation of Weapon: Has none

† Your Appearance

Physical Looks: Larn has dark hair with a few highlights spiked around his head and usually kept very neat. He hates it when his hair gets messed up for any reason. His eyes are a very dull gold, and he seems as if he's spacing out or daydreaming about something when he's not. He wears a mask over his face because of a serious burn that was inflicted onto him by his sister during an argument. The skin is a bright red with puckered spots around it, on his cheek to his bottom lip. He is never seen in public without a mask on. He has different masks (claims thirty but only owns about eight) to go with each outfit he wears. Larn is only around 5'9", so he's extremely sensitive about his height and usually gets angry when someone taller than him points it out. He loves dark clothing (of any color) and fur-lined jackets, which he wears every day. He is generally lazy and doesn't like doing research/homework. He usually has to force himself to sit down and do his homework.

† Your Persona

General Attitude/Personality: Larn is very friendly around others but somewhat reserved. He has trust issues and doesn't jump into a close relationship too quickly. He reacts very calmly around people he doesn't know or knows little about, but when he is around someone familiar, he's more open and talks louder, sometimes losing control of his voice and shouting. When alone, he often talks to himself about some things. He is not entirely open, but others that he knows trust him and usually go to him to vent because of how tight-lipped he is. He has a huge love for sweets, and strawberry cake is his weakness.
Goals: He wants to become a powerful demon and finally defeat his sister.
Bad Habits: He eats too many sweets, so he puts on weight quickly and has to exercise to get rid of it. He bits his nails down to the quick and causes them to bleed.
Fears: He is completely afraid of spiders. He doesn't want to die. He doesn't like pain.
Sees Self As: Larn sees himself as someone who is rather plain. He often looks in the mirror and thinks of what he can do to oomph his appearance. But once again, he is lazy, so he ends up doing nothing about it.

† Your Blessings

    Anything sweet (except coconut)
    Attractive masks

    His determination
    His loyalty to those he knows
    His vast knowledge of random facts

† Your Curses

    Anything too salty

    His tendency to be lazy
    His vanity
    His love of sweet things

† Your Bloodline

Father: Illahani Caster
Mother: Aecu Caster
Siblings: Mari Caster (sister)

† Your Past

Larn was born into a family of demons with different abilities (father and sister using fire, mother using shadows) and is the eldest child of Illahani and Aecu. He and his sister fought for the position of head of the family (because of Larn's birthright and Mari's ability to lead others), but Larn's magic wasn't strong enough to face her, and he ended up with a nasty scar on his face. He is extremely vain and puts his appearance above most other important things. He wears masks because he is embarrassed to go outside otherwise. He was sent to the academy to hone his abilities and take back the head of the family from his tyrannical sister.

Other: Although he has many troubles that keep him from getting close to many others, Larn wants to be in a loving relationship and have someone to hold. Of course, he is determined on never having to show anyone his scar.
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PostSubject: Re: Caster, Larn   Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:59 pm


"It's better to have a bit of something, than a bit of nothing"
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Caster, Larn
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