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 Wynter, Austin

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Austin Wynter

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PostSubject: Wynter, Austin   Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:35 pm

† The Principles

First Name: Austin
Middle Name: Prince
Last Name: Wynter
Gender: Male
Age: 15 looks 17
Birthday: July 3rd
Race: Vampire
Faceclaim: Vincent Nightray

† Your Affinity

Element: Fire
Special Ability: Shards
    ~Explanation & Limits of Gift: Austin is able to launch shards of fire out from both arms. Strangely enough this attack takes a lot out of him and due to this he will use it if he has no choice. This is only cause he is still trying to learn how to use this ability of his which always ends in failure. This attack takes so much out of him only cause he can't control it well. Say he tries to launch 3 shards but ends up shooting off 8 which then wastes his energy. This is his only disadvantages. His good points to this however is it is good for long range attacks, only problem is he may hit more than just the target.

Weapon: Unlike his brother who loves his scythe he uses a sword which is well known as a rapier.
    ~Explanation of Weapon:Austin's rapier is like any other and cause it is a normal rapier it can not cut the skin but can bruise it. This weapon of his is good for sword on sword combat but anything else is a no go. Like his ability he is still trying to learn how to fight with his sword and what its limits are. This is no good in a gun fight however and thus he may flee or surrender. It is the same length as a normal rapier as well as its weight. It is swift but is to small to deflect a bullet and he hides if the person does use a gun. More or less he is only good on sword on sword combat.

† Your Appearance

Physical Looks: Unlike his brother Hattori, his clothes are that of the finest wear being from all over the world. He wears the same jewels like his brothers choker but they are on his ears, both of them. He loves them well because they bring out his only red eye. Yes, he has two eye colors. One red and one gold. This is due to his mother for she had gold eyes while his father who is Hattori's had red eyes. Austin is 5'11 and he weighs near 120 pounds. Skin is that of the fairest, and his hair is long and blonde. Austin is sort of well built but he would rather goof off and play around than do anything else. His clothes are that of one peice suits to gowns to the finest robes. From time to time he may wear something else but he doesn't care as long as it keeps him from having fun and being himself.

† Your Persona

General Attitude/Personality: Austin Wynter is not like his brother, he is happy almost all the time and he loves to hang out with people. He is a bit lazy but he never stays still long. He is affectionate and caring just about every minute, Austin does have a bad temper and mostly he uses this on his brother. Austin is some what of a cry baby but he is a pretender. Austin is carefree and often times is a bit of a nag but he means well. He loves to be with new people and he hates to see people cry for real. Austin calls himself as a Prince only cause he acts like it from time to time. Bubbly and always ready to try something new he loves to do about everything but if he doesn't have fun or is kept from it you will see another character. Austin is younger and is a bit on the innocent side but if he lets his emotions loose you will see another person, a much mature side. Some believe that he is bipolar but he doesn't think so. More about his personality maybe shown over his time here.
Goals: Austin wants his brother to love him, and he wants to find his soulmate.
Bad Habits: Austin has one thing from his brother his stubbroness. Another is leaning into the person from behind invading their space.
Fears: Austin fears drowing and not being able to save his brother from himself even though this fails all the time.
Sees Self As: Austin sees himself as a Prince.

† Your Blessings

    Adores attention
    Loves everything

    Good judgement
    Acrobatic, is able to jump from place to place to squeezing through things

† Your Curses

    Hattori's bad attitude

    Low self esteem in battle
    Water, can not swim

† Your Bloodline

Father: Alexander Wynter (Step father) (Deceased)
Mother: Rose Wynter (Actual Mother) (Deceased)
Siblings: Hattori Wynter (Step/ Half brother) (Alive)

† Your Past

Austin doesn't remember much of Hattori's past, due to him being younger and being brought very well with his new family he just could not seem to be in good favor with his brother. Hattori was down right mean to him and acted like he was nothing more than a flea on his shoulder. Austin tried to get his attention when he was younger but nothing seemed to work. When Austin became 8 he took on the appearance on that of a younger teenager being about 13 years old by this time Hattori look like he was 20 which really he was like 15 or something in that category. Alexander didn't really tell him how ages work and believe it or not Alexander spent most of his time trying to get Hattori to open up while Austin was always with his mother, Rose. Upon hearing his brother coming here to the academy from Britan, France he followed after their parents death. Hattori still doesn't want to know about him. Austin will try anything to get his brother to love him but if it takes entirely to long or he is about to die from it. Chances are he may give up if that were to happen.


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PostSubject: Re: Wynter, Austin   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:36 pm

Good thing I know Vincent is from Pandora Hearts ^_^
Unless one of the other admins sees a problem with this that I overlooked I would have to say...


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Wynter, Austin
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