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Due to issues with the site lately, EVERYTHING has been removed and is being re-done.
I appologize for the inconvenience.
I hope you will be able to understand that this was done to help better the site.
If you need anything changed, such as your username, please contact Roy.
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 Role Playing Rules {Last Updated 8/9/11}

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules {Last Updated 8/9/11}   Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:23 am


1.) IF YOU'RE IN ROLE PLAY, DO NOT BRING IN OUT OF CHARACTER ISSUES INTO IT. This is not a difficult thing to do in my opinion. Learn to seperate your character's feelings from your's. If you have a relationship out of the characters {OOC} try not to bring that into role play {RP}. Don't be utterly upset if your character forms a relationship with another character and that character cheats or betrays your's. This is RP, that means it's not real. This goes for all relationships whether it be love, friendship and so on.

2.) ROLE PLAY YOUR WAY. There is no wrong way or right way to RP. Write out your posts however you want and which ever way is most comfortable for you. If one-liners are your thing, fine. If 100 worded posts are your thing, fine.

3.) MAKE YOUR OWN TOPICS. Within the pre-made forums on the site you create your own rp topics. This means you will have to title them. When it comes to titling your rp topics, try to be creative. It must be mentioned if your title though if the rp is 'Closed' or 'Open'. The title must also include who else is in it. (For example: The Past Relived {Yura and Eve} *Closed*) If the rp is open and you make mention of who is in the topic and then other people join the topic, you do not have to change the title to include who has just joined otherwise you might be constantly changing it. You must include [+18] if the rp is deemed to be getting too mature. This can be added for reasons of personal, sexual or because the rp's violence is getting graphic. Below will be a few pictures with explanations on how to make your topics.
First chose the forum area that you want to rp in:

Read the Introduction that is in the area:

And then click 'New Topic':

Title the rp and make sure to mention who is starting out in the rp and if it is closed or open:

Type the post in the message box. It wouldn't hurt to include a bit of the area you're in, just in case you are in a large area, the time of day for the rp, and the weather.

Then click send and wait for your rp partner(s) to post.

4.) RPING WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE. When you're rping with more than two people, you must have a posting order. Also when rping with three or more people, there is a 24 hour rule. This means that if person number 1 and person number 2 have posted and 24 hours go by before person number 3 has posted and they have given no word to a reason for them being absent, person number 1 and number 2 are allowed to continue without person number three until they return. Once number 3 has returned then he or she may continue to rp. This will probably cause a new posting order to accure unless he or she posts after the person he or she had been posting after before.
Example for more than 3 with number 3 going MIA: Person 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 1 - 2 - 4 - 5


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Role Playing Rules {Last Updated 8/9/11}
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