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 Phantomhive, Yura Millennia

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PostSubject: Phantomhive, Yura Millennia   Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:56 pm

† The Principles

First Name: Yura
Middle Name: Millennia
Last Name: Phantomhive
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (Appears) 200 (Actual)
Birthday: October 31
Race: Hunter (Crusnik) (Also called Black Angel)
Faceclaim: Suigintou from Rozen Maiden

† Your Affinity

Element: Air/Wind
Special Ability: Lunarkinesis
    ~Explanation & Limits of Gift: Lunarkinesis (also called umbrakinesis) is the manipulation/shaping of shadows, darkness, and negative energy. This ability can also allow the user to project darkness/shadows and dark/negative energy at will. The user would be at their strongest when it is dark out and their weakest when the sun is shining but this doesn't mean that their vulnerable or weak, just at their weakest point in the bright morning or sunny days. In terms of dark/negative energy, this can mean negative feelings or emotions of the user or another person that they are currently feeling or remembering. Meaning if someone is completely happy and thinking happy thoughts, the user isn't going to get much dark/negative energy from them. Thinking of anger or 'evil' things would bring out dark/negative energy of the user.
    More information:

Weapon: Rui (pronounced: Ru-E)
    ~Explanation of Weapon: A transparent, rainbow-colored mantle. (Kind of stands out a lot compared to her outfit then.) It's lined with Orichalcum wires. Orichalcum is a super metal used a long time ago by her family. It is one of (key words there) highest and strongest materials in existence. The mantle can be used as a shield to black attacks, as a whip for short or long distances. Because of the wires, the mantle can cut as well if swung at the right angle and fast enough. The mantle itself is only nine feet long and about a foot wide so it can extend no farther than that. This also means that when it's being used as a shield, it can only cover the area that it is hold and bent to cover.

† Your Appearance

Physical Looks: Yura stands at five feet and one inch tall with soft, silky strands of silvery white hair which reaches about to her waist. Her skin is incredibly pale but blemish free. Yura's eyes are cat-like and lavender pink which will glow brightly when she's hungry for blood or angry while they will dull to a pink mauve shade when she's sad. She has a slender, feminine figure as well. Her ears are pieced only once on the lobe which she usually wears small, dangling, black wing earrings or silver hoops. Yura wears a dark blue (close to black) and white, maid like dress that had puffed shoulder sleeves that had dark violet ribbons. White ruffled sleeves stick out from the dark blue sleeves. The dark blue of the dress, cuts down low on the chest but the white that is under the dark blue covers her chest. In the center of that white there is usually a bow or a small purple rose. The dark blue of the dress also splits into four tail like ends that hang down which have upside down white crosses printed on them. The white of the dress hangs down in ruffles under the black. At the front, in the middle of the skirt part of the dress, the black also splits and is laced together by a dark violet ribbon. Yura's boots are black, flat heels with bows on them. Since Yura is a Crusnik (Black Angel), she has black wings on her back. On her head is a black, maid like headdress piece. There is also a black ribbon around her neck.

† Your Persona

General Attitude/Personality: Yura seems to be a sadistic, negative, straight-to-the-point kind of girl. She hates waiting what she finds as an overbearing amount of time on people to do things however she expects people to have patience for her. Orders from anyone she deems 'unworthy' to even put up the sort of tone with her will be in for a hard time and can expect mental and/or physical kinds of injuries. There are few people that Yura would ever consider even taking an order from. Yura can seem cruel but to those she has taken a liking too, her attitude can seem a bit less severe and if it is still severe it is only because she cares. Cleanliness is a must for Yura, if an area she is in isn't clean she can be seen, glaring at the mess, not paying attention, sighing occasionally, and/or cleaning it up. Making a mess of Yura's own personal things can result in a 'no mercy' treatment. However, should lady luck being smiling on you the day you come across Yura, she may just happen to seem to be someone else. This other personality of Yura calls herself Yui. The reason for this is because it is part of her name, Yura, and adding an 'E' sound at the end of it that makes it sound, in Yui's words, nickname-y. Yui is a much happier, cheerful version of Yura who will show whatever emotion she is currently feeling at the time. However, she too likes her space clean and the destruction of her clean area can immediately trigger Yura's return. Yui also seems more masochistic than sadistic however since masochism is more of a nerve and body sort of thing, Yura too can be seen to take pain more easily than those who register pain as well, pain and harm. While Yui is more willing to take a round about sort of order (like being asked to do something), Yura would more than likely turn the person away. The reason for the maid dress sort of look for Yura/Yui though derives from their personality because of the fact that they like things clean and they overall take direct orders from very few people. However, Yura/Yui also think of themselves as a generally free spirit and will do what they feel like most of the time. Yui is also childish at times.
Goals: ???
Bad Habits: Glaring or cleaning messes that are near her. Losing her temper. (Mainly because of someone making a mess)
Fears: To find a mess that will be impossible to clean and losing a purpose for her life.
Sees Self As: Yura kind of sees herself as a maid since she seems to be constantly cleaning things up, be it normal messes or problems that people cause. However she also sees herself as a free spirit and will do what she feels like.

† Your Blessings

    Dark or dim areas
    Watching people in pain (Yura)
    Teddy Bears (Yui)

    Extreme Speed -- Because of being a Crusnik and because of her small build, Yura is incredibly fast.
    Super Strength -- Because of her being born a Crusnik, Yura has super strength and can lift heavier things and hold them for a longer time than most others. However because of her small build, the strength isn't as high as others like her, say her parents.
    Aerial -- Flying in the air or aerial combat. Because of her black wings, she can fly through the air at high speeds and maneuver in the air incredibly well.
    Super Senses -- Her senses (Such as hearing, sight, smell) are incredibly heightened. Her sight is perfect and she can see much further than the average human clearly and also see in the dark. Her hearing is very keen as is her sense of smell.

† Your Curses

    People whining (Yura)
    Being left behind (Yui)
    Insects (Mainly cockroaches)
    People invading her personal things
    Roses with no thorns
    Waiting (Yura)
    Watching people in pain (Yui)

    Temper -- When Yura completely loses her temper, she can tend to lose some rational thought which in turn can lead to mistakes.
    Blood Lust -- Like vampires, Yura has to feed on blood however she feeds on vampires themselves to keep her strength up. Feeding on humans or most other creatures can keep her alive but do little to nothing else. If she doesn't feed then she can be easily angered and she's weakened more and more the longer she goes without blood. Obviously if she loses a lot of blood she will need to feed to replace the blood.
    Trust -- Yura has some trust issues. She thinks people will take advantage of her when they can and thus can sometimes have a hard time getting close to people. She might seem like she is close to someone at times but she'll sometimes put on an act to see if the person has ulterior motives. If Yura has put her trust in someone and that trust is broken, her temper will either flare or she'll become depressed.
    Super Senses -- A blessing and a curse. Her eyes can be sensitive to intense light and her hearing can be bothered by certain noises just as certain strong smells can get to her faster than to others. Not only that but it seems her sense of taste is downgraded compared to average humans, 'human' food has a duller, more bland taste to her. (However she can taste blood incredibly well.)

† Your Bloodline

Father: Seto Phantomhive
Mother: Jade Phantomhive
Siblings: Tear (Older sister); Saya (Older brother); Yami (Younger sister)

† Your Past

It was late that dark Halloween night with the moon up at the it's highest point in the darkened sky. The light of the full moon fell over the residents of Victoria, an area of inner city London, England. The red light that the moon gave off was ominous to most who were in the district. But in a small estate, it gave a special feeling to the currently waiting family of Crusniks, also known as Black Angels, as the cries of a woman in labor mixed with the soft sounds of a woman coaxing the woman giving birth, directing her were the only sound that the expecting family heard.

Seto Phantomhive, a tall and well built man of a youthful appearance that gave him the look of a young man in his twenties, paced from East to West and repeated with the occasional stopping at the small window that the red moon could be seen from. Once or twice, he ran a slightly tanned hand through his short, light, silver hair. His name was the only main clue to his Egyptian descent, even if the natural darker skin stood out amongst his children thus far who have taken on their mother's pale skin tone. His brilliant blue eyes fell upon his first born child who was trying to calm down her father.

Tear, the first born child to the Phantomhives, look mostly like her father though she had her mother's skin tone. Where as Saya, though feminine in appearance, was the first born son and second oldest child who looked like his mother though he had one blue eye in the shade of his father's and one purple eye, a mix of the red from his mother and blue from his father.

The three Phantomhives were eager to greet the member of their family they had been waiting on but none were more eager than Jade Phantomhive, wife of Seto Phantomhive and mother of two, moments away from three. As the pain after hours of trying to deliver began to cease, the woman who had been coaxing her through the delivery proudly announced that the baby was alive and well, the opposite of the two miscarriages and one still born who had come before the child who was now being placed in the new mother of three's hands.

The father was let inside finally and he seemed a year or two from worry that had been in his appearance seemed to melt away from the relief as he saw the crying newborn. As both parents gazed at their newborn child while brother and sister quietly entered the room, lavender pink eyes opened to gaze the those who were staring. The look in the baby's eyes was like that of someone waking from a wonderful dream and though other reasons for her name would be formed, from then on, the newly born Black Angel would be known as Yura Millennia Phantomhive.

Yura's first century of life was peaceful. For the first few years, she was like that of a normal baby. Well, a normal baby in terms of having black wings and feeding on the blood of other blood suckers. She was taught how to control her blood drinking before she was taught how to walk so that she didn't drain her victim completely of their blood. This was in case she had to drink from humans mainly to sustain herself while looking for a blood sucker or another of her kind. Once she had mastered that, she learned to fly and finally learned how to walk.

Then she went through learning the other general things, such as reading. Yura went through a human school to get some form of education. Ofter going through different kinds of human schools, having to switch because of her age seeming to slow down incredibly when it came to growing up, she was sent to a private school with other different kinds of races to learn about basic layout of other kinds.

By the time she had finished half of a complete century of life, Yura had graduated from quite a few different kinds of schools. At home she was peaceful and happy with her parents and older siblings. Her way of life, her personality, was very different to how it would become in later years.

The young Crusnik looked to be that of a young woman who was going to be starting her twenties soon. For a few centuries to come, Yura's presentation age would cease to change, her outer appearance would remain the same. Her silver hair reached her waist while her pink eyes either drew attention for those of a high curiosity or frightened the humans in London, England away. Those who decided to get close to her though became her food, the population of her admirers being male.

As the years shied a few years off from adding another thirty years to Yura's age, which didn't actually show, Yura was thought of as a prostitute because of the many males that she attracted to her. However, all she was doing was feeding from them to sustain herself. It was like she could taste food very well the so many humans and other races ate, the food was bland and dull to her. Blood was her only real food and it was only blood that she could truly and fully taste.

It was around that time that the murders started. The culprit was unknown in true identity but became known as Jack the Ripper, assumed to be a man. The criminal killed prostitutes and their throats were usually slashed while their lower abdomen was cut open and a few were found with missing organs from the lower abdomen. Because of the reputation she had obtained, Yura unknowingly became a target to this criminal.

First there was Mary Ann Nichols who was killed at the end of August. About a week or so after her, leading to the beginning of the second week of September, Annie Chapman was found dead, just as Nichols, her throat had been slashed and her lower abdomen was cut open. The only difference was that Chapman's uterus had been removed.

The third event of the Jack the Ripper series of positive murders was considered a double event since both Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes had been found an hour or so away from each other. However Stride's was uncertain about being a Jack the Ripper victim because of the absence of the attacker having mutilated the abdomen. If she was, it was rumored that Jack the Ripper had been interrupted during the attack. Eddowes though was the same as the previous two victims, her throat severed and the abdomen cut open in the same, jagged wound. Her left kidney and a major part of the uterus was missing. The death of these two women, opened the door to the next victim, the young woman with silver hair and shocking, lavender pink eyes.

It was a late night, the same kind of night it was when Yura was born, the same day too. She was now seventy-seven years old, despite whatever her looks said. Yura was just looking for her latest meal, she hadn't been meaning anything else when a dark haired man approached her and accompanied her just the way her other victims had, just the way that led people to believe what was false. And though Yura had been told to be careful because of the murders, she didn't know what it was that would come on what she had thought was a special night.

They were walking down Angel Alley in the Whitechapel district. Yura had moved close to the unknown man in order to feed from him. Her lips were close to his neck, the pearly white fangs hidden from the man's view. Just as their sharp points were millimeters apart from touching the flesh that shielded the blood from flowing into her mouth, her senses screamed 'danger' at her. Her instincts cried out for her to run. Then just as she moved to pull away, silver steel sliced through her neck. As the blood bloomed from the wound in milliseconds and flowed freely, the black wings that were usually small and folded back to be hidden unfurled themselves fully so that a few black feathers fell slowly to the ground.

Her life and body was spared the mutilation that three before her had gone through because of this man. She assumed that her wings had scared the man off, that he hadn't been expecting what most humans would have considered 'a beast in human form.' But at that moment, she had no time to worry over what the man was doing now that he was gone, the wound on her neck, though it had missed any artery in her neck, a wound to the throat was still something that could become serious, even for a Crusnik like her.

Just as the blood flowed and stained the red dress she had been wearing into a darker shade where the thick liquid was soaked up slowly, her vision and senses were dulling. One of her pale hands covered the wound on her throat as she unsteadily made her way back home. Upon arrival, she was immediately ushered to the couch while her father had ran out quickly to find a vampire for her to feed from. While her father was out, her mother had her youngest child feed directly from her neck. Yura's eldest sister returned within second after having left the room to fetch treatment supplies for the wound. Once Yura had drank all she could from her mother's neck, her brother, Saya, had her drink from his wrist so he could be on one side of her while Tear was working on patching up her throat. The wound was taken care of and Yura feed one more time from the vampire that her father had returned home with before she closed her eyes to rest.

Yura had mostly slept through the time after the incident that had happened on that Halloween night. When she wasn't sleeping, she was feeding from someone a member of her family had brought to her. Seto, her father, was being protective of her and didn't want to let her out of the house for awhile until something was done about this, Jack the Ripper.

However, after the death of Mary Jane Kelly the murders seemed to stop, at least all positive murders. As the year came to a close, her father finally allowed Yura to go out on her own. It was then that Yura decided to travel around to get away from London for awhile. Though she did plan to return, she wanted to see more of the world. Egypt was one of the places she wanted to travel to since that was were her father had been born and raised.

It wasn't hard for her to get the money to travel. Her parents gave her the money which they had plenty saved up and such because of the fact that they had lived for so long and from their own parents. Thus, it wasn't long before Yura was on a plane that was taking her to Egypt where she would stay with her grandparents for a few years.

Those few years turned out to be exactly what Yura had needed to calm herself down after the Jack the Ripper incidents. She learned how to speak, read, and write ancient Egyptian and modern Egyptian. Not only that but her grandparents took her to other parts of the words, like Scotland were Yura was most amused upon seeing the fashion article known as the kilt there, though she did get used to seeing it. Some other places where Yura had traveled was Japan, China, Australia, Russia, and Greece.

Yura learned a good portion of information and culture knowledge from each place and by the time she was a little over one hundred and fifty years, she was one hundred and fifty-two to be exact, she returned to London, England however, she didn't go back to Whitechapel. Instead, she lived in the Kensington district. If only the times would be as peaceful as the many years she had had prior.

It wasn't long though that she heard the news of what was going on in her home town. Yura had returned home in the month of April, about midway through the month. Two young women who were prostitutes were found dead, Hannah Tailford and Irene Lockwood. When they were found dead, the women's clothes had been ripped open and thus the killer earned the name Jack the Stripper.

Jack the Stripper was an unknown murderer who was given the name Jack the Stripper because of how his victims were like those of Jack the Ripper. And because of this, even though so many years had passed, Yura was frightened. She was worried that the killer was the same man, despite how her family assured her that the human from before was probably dead. Yura refused to go outside for months. While she stayed indoors, two other women died and Yura, in her personal captivity, was beginning to split between what seemed to be two different versions of herself, of her personality. At least to strangers anyway; to her family, Yura was the same in most views.

When late September came around and no other murders had came up, Yura finally began to walk around freely outside, think that the murders had just faded away, just like those of Jack the Ripper. Her feedings began again but now, it was like she was trying to get the murderer's attention, to draw Jack the Stripper out, because she was going around and flirting with men, going out with them and taking them to back alleys to feed from while others let their imaginations wonder.

Yura wanted the murderer to find her, she wanted to see who he was. Now, she wanted to show that she could stand up for herself and that her instincts and senses would help her protect herself faster and sooner. So this time, she encouraged the rumors and told people to spread the word. Of course, this got funny looks from the people she was telling to spread the word since even they could see what kind of people it was who were becoming victims in London right now.

By the time her birthday came around that year, she felt a change in the air and grinned. This time, she was sure that the attempted victim would be her and this time, she would not let herself let her guard down. And she wouldn't let the murderer get away with trying to kill her unscathed. As a safety precaution even, she had taken a silky looking, rainbow shawl with her as she left her home that night to meet with a mysterious stranger who had said that he wanted her 'services'. It was this person whom she was sure was Jack the Stripper but a secret part of her was relieved to see that this man was not Jack the Ripper, though she had never had a clear look at that man's face, her memory of that night unclear anyway.

As for the shawl, it wasn't just a pretty piece of long cloth. It was lined with specially made wires from an incredibly strong metal. This feather mantle, as it really was, was her weapon of choice. And in this case, it would be this feather mantle that would protect her if it came down to it. But even though the mantle stood out compared to her dark blue and white outfit, no one thought that it was a weapon. After all, it was just a piece of cloth and the best anyone thought it could do would be to strangle someone.

Hyde Park, that was the place that Yura was supposed to meet the man. She was there right on time however the man was late so Yura ended up swishing the ends of her mantle around to entertain herself. Then she heard the crunch of some fall leaves. That noise alone made Yura stop and turn around in the direction that the noise had came from. A small smile graced her lips as she feigned happiness of watching the man who had asked for her approach.

Playfully, Yura had asked him what had taken him so long. The man didn't reply which only made Yura grin more, this time her fangs were showing by just a bit and she could see the man hesitate about something. In a taunting voice, Yura asked him what was wrong but he only let out a panic cry as she lunged for him, grabbing hold of his shirt's front and pulling him to her as she bit into his neck harshly. She hadn't wanted to give him the chance to harm her, she didn't want to risk giving a strange that bit of trust.

When she was done, the man was still alive. The reason for this was because others were approaching and she couldn't risk what may happen. So she spread her black wings and took the sky. However the killing urge was still deep in her heart so when she had saw a vulnerable human in the streets, she had fed from him until the blood was completely drained from his body. The following morning, rumors of a black angel was spread throughout the town. Such rumors had left Yura giggling because the humans didn't realize how right they were in a manner of speaking.

Now that Yura had gotten, in a twisted sort of sense, her revenge or at least her confidence back, she didn't know what to do. She was left wondering through her days for a few years. During those years, Yura stayed in London, trying to figure out what to do with her life now. Because of her split personality forming, she was causing trouble for others. She became known as The Black Angel in London because of her wings that people saw when they saw her fly off before finding the dead body of a human.

Her parents would have been disappointed but they had left London before her outbursts and that at least made her happy. Her siblings were also off with other people, Tear, Saya, and her younger sister Yami was even off meeting other people. But Yura? She was in London, now known as a killer for the occasion of drinking from a human until they had nothing left. Good news, no one knew she was the killer. Bad news, she had taken people's lives when she didn't have to. Her split personality kept her bouncing back and forth between if it was a terrible thing or not. Sure she felt bad about it but part of her didn't even bother to dwell on it, just left a few gifts on the doorsteps of the families while the other half wanted to go see Scotland Yard.

That was the true birth of Yura's split personality forming. There was one half that claimed to be Yura who was sadistic and seemingly uncaring and cold towards others and then there was the other half who called herself Yui in a self nicknamed version of her name Yura. This Yura was cheerful and emotional, not to mention she welcomed the pain of others as if it was a way to make amends for all the trouble and murders she had done.

No one was sure what exactly triggered the change in personalities though when Yura would be one and then suddenly the other, sometimes in the middle of talking which left a very clear difference. All that was known, or rumored by few who knew her past, was that her personality had altered and split because of how guilty she felt over the murders and how scared she had been during the times she was almost murdered.

Yura told her history to few people though and tried not to go into details on the small terrible times from when she was away from London because to her, nothing compared to her times facing the two Jacks in London, though none had frightened more than her time with Jack the Ripper. Not even her family knew her completely past events from when she was away from them though she didn't know their's completely either so both sides just viewed it as even. The first person Yura had told her history two was brought on by an event that happened around the time Yura had turned one hundred and sixty.

The young Crusnik had been at home, reading peaceful. The blood of her latest kill was slowly licked away from her lips. Or at least, she could have sworn that she had killed the man. Her lavender pink eyes were scanning from word to word, page to page until she heard the sound of breaking glass. The sound didn't come just once, but multiple times. Yura even had to pull her mantle out to block against one of the objects that were breaking threw her window. When she moved her feather mantle away from her face, she had just enough time to see that the object was a bomb before all of them exploded.

She had used her feather mantle to protect her face and chest but her arms, legs, and even a bit of her back was caught up in some of the explosion. The roof started to collapse and Yura had to use her feather mantle to slice up the falling rubble. She was bleeding though, some of the rubble hand managed to hit her after she had sliced up the rubble which was making her head bleed. Some of that blood was running into one of her eyes so she had one eye closed. Yura was pretty sure that the reason for this was probably because someone disliked her, someone like the man whom she had last fed from and thought she had killed and his friends.

Her vision was already half of what it normally was because she had one eye closed and it was smokey and flames were everywhere. Now her vision was starting to blur because of all the light and smoke. Yura was pushing and cutting her way through the falling bits of her house. She was near the door when her sight failed and total darkness was all she could see. Yura managed to get through the door but she slipped down the steps and almost fell forward but she felt someone catch her. Her first reaction was to protect herself and she focused her anger on the men who had done this to her and her home to form the negative energy and have it take shape. The furious crusnik was just about to strike until she heard a calm female's voice.

The voice told her that she was fine and that this woman was going to dab her eyes with some water to help clear them. That deemed to be true the moment Yura felt a wet cloth wipe a bit at her eyes. Finally she was told to try to open them, the cloth that had helped clear her eyes was now being pressed against the wound on her head to keep the blood from coming into her eye again. When the lavender pink eyes opened, she first saw a mainly green blur and then as the sight focused, Yura saw a green haired and golden eyed woman looking back at her. With a mumble of thanks, Yura looked back at her house and for the first time after awhile, a look of sadness came to her face.

She was sad, she had lost so much from this fire burning her home. With a small sigh, Yura focused her anger and sadness to shape negative energy. She shaped the energy like a blanket and settled it over the house, slowly forcing the fire out from the lack of oxygen to feed it. Once the fire was out, the energy faded away and Yura went to the remains of her house. The broken and charred doorway was pushed clear so that the young crusnik could walk inside. Yura walked around, collecting books and items that were burnt and covered in soot or a bit charred. Anything that could still be cleaned up or managed to live through the burning enough that she could take it with her, she started to pack up in a suitcase that she had managed to save but it wasn't the greatest.

Yura was there for a long time, gathering things and trying to put them in this mangled suitcase before a new one was dropped in front of her. Confused, she looked up and saw the woman who had helped her earlier. The confusion must of been clearly on her face because the woman explained that the suitcase Yura was trying to use wouldn't make it down the street. Once again, Yura owed this woman and Yura wasn't one to leave debts unpaid. After her things that she could save had been packed up and the woman had helped her even more by bandaging her wounds, though it was an on-the-field-treatment because she would need to be properly bandaged.

Getting up to leave, Yura was a bit glad to see that the woman was still there. So the pink eyed woman asked her what she could do to repay her. The woman told her that she was looking for Guardians to help out at her school. Yura was amused by hearing this and asked her if she was looking for a maid to clean up the mess of her students would cause. In what seemed to be equal amusement, the woman had replied yes. For a moment, Yura was silent and the woman took that time to tell her that some men were near her home with knives and other makeshift weapons but the green-haired stranger had chased them away. Yura knew who it was that had done this to her home for sure now, the man whom she had fed from and thought that she had killed and his friends. She knew she should have double checked on that man before running off upon hearing his friends come into the alley.

That decided some things for her. Yura pretty much owed this woman her life. If she had walked out blindly, Yura was sure that she wouldn't have been able to protect herself completely from those men, she would have been in trouble, even if she could have held them off for awhile, not many walked through London this late. So in order to repay this woman, Yura offered her her services.

A contract between the two of them was signed, Yura's name was signed in her noble crusnik blood. The contract would bind her to this woman. In a way, Yura was truly this woman's maid and the only person Yura would consider taking orders from. Her things were sent to Black Blood Academy and Yura became a Guardian and personal attendant in a way to Eve Diana Thorn for many years and from this point on.

Other: As a note for the history, Jack the Ripper and Jack the Stripper were both real murderers, I just edited my character into their events. Also, Yura is ambidextrous and this can usually be seen easily because one side of her personality will mainly use her left hand and the other will use her right hand.


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{I oughta kill you for that history, but luckily it was fun to read! ^_^}


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Phantomhive, Yura Millennia
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