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Due to issues with the site lately, EVERYTHING has been removed and is being re-done.
I appologize for the inconvenience.
I hope you will be able to understand that this was done to help better the site.
If you need anything changed, such as your username, please contact Roy.
If you want to be the Professor of your race, please PM Eve.

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 Site Rules {Last Updated 8/9/11}

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PostSubject: Site Rules {Last Updated 8/9/11}   Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:21 am


1.) DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR OWN ROLE-PLAYING FORUM ON BLACK BLOOD ACADEMY. This is a rule that is taken very seriously. Do not make topics about your own site and do not Private Message (PM) multiple times about your site. Any sort of "illegal" advertisement is not acceptable. Please tell an Admin if anyone breaks this rule. Any form of advertisement for another forum is strictly forbidden and will result in the deletion of your account. If you wish to advertise a site such as anime sites or other entertainment sites such as that, that is perfectly fine but any sort of other RPG forum will not be accepted. {Please go to the Advertisement section of the forum for the rules of "legal" advertisement}

2.) THE ADMINS ARE NOT TO BE PESTERED. I can fully understand that as a new members you would like to begin role playing as soon as possible, therefore once you've finished your application you feel the need to unconsciously pester the Admins to look over and accept your application. I ask that you try with all of your might to not do this. The Admins will get to your application when they get to it. Any pester from you will cause them to skip over your application for as long as they please, so for both of our sakes please leave the Admins alone. However, I realize that we are all human and that our Admins may forget to check applications. That being the case, if your
finished application should go a week or more in the pending section without any Admin action then, and only then, may you contact an Admin to check over it.

3.) YOU ARE TO TREAT EACH AND EVERY MEMBER WITH RESPECT. This site will not tolerate any disrespect to any member, Admin or not. You are to treat each member with the politeness and respect you receive. Now if you are not receiving any politeness or respect please contact the Admins and we will handle the matter. The same goes for bullying. Now I understand that this is an Academy based RPG site, but let's not act like we are in grade school. Any type of cyber-bullying will result in deletion of your account. No exceptions.

4.) IF YOU'RE IN ROLE PLAY, DO NOT BRING IN OUT OF CHARACTER ISSUES INTO IT. This is not a difficult thing to do in my opinion. Learn to separate your character's feelings from your's. If you have a relationship out of the characters {OOC} try not to bring that into role play {RP}. Don't be utterly upset if your character forms a relationship with another character and that character cheats or betrays your's. This is RP, that means it's not real. This goes for all relationships whether it be love, friendship and so on.

For now, these are the Site Rules. More are sure to come so please continue to check-in for updates. Thank you for reading and enjoy your time on Black Blood Academy.


"It's better to have a bit of something, than a bit of nothing"
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Site Rules {Last Updated 8/9/11}
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